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What happened to the Swap Sales?
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What happened to the Swap Sales?

What happened to the Swap Sales? Understandably, this has been a big question that we’ve been asked over the past few seasons. Many of our customers have counted on the Swap Sales to sell their old gear and find deals on new and used equipment. Our last Swap Sale was actually in the Fall of 2019, and so much has changed in our industry and for our business since. Here are some of the factors that have led to our decision to discontinue the Swap Sale events.

Limited Supply Chain

It’s no secret that for a number of industries the supply chain is much different than it was prior to Covid. One of the keys to our Swap Sales was the amount of off-price and prior season’s gear we were able to purchase in the off-season (otherwise known as closeouts). This product would help us pack a tent with discounted gear that was often 4,800 square feet in size. Nowadays, this product does not exist. Manufacturers produce much closer to their preseason order totals with very little in excess. Add in the fact that the industry has seen record participation numbers the past few seasons and demand for product has soared, again leaving much less leftover product at the end of each season.

Staffing Issues

Back in the day we would need 20-25 people to staff a Swap Sale event properly. Again, times have changed, and we are now running with a much smaller staff than in year’s past. Our staff is awesome and very knowledgeable, but on a good day we’ll only have 8-10 people on the schedule. No way could we handle the volume that an old Swap Sale would bring in over the course of a 3–4-day event. We’d literally get run over and not be able to provide the level of service you’ve come to expect from us.

What is the alternative to Swap Sales?

Without Swap Sales, there are a few other options depending on if you’re looking to sell or looking to buy.

If you’re looking to SELL

Many of our customers have had success selling on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, as well as other outdoor gear consignment sites.

If you’re looking to BUY

You can still shop with us! We now run smaller SIDEWALK SALES that offer an array of premium gear at great prices. These sales, although much smaller than a traditional Swap Sale, give you the opportunity to get better attention and service from our Staff in a less-hectic environment.

In addition, even though we no longer offer opportunities to buy used gear, our daily and seasonal rental programs help to keep skiing and snowboarding affordable and are a good option for many customers.

How about Trade-ins?

Stay tuned for a possible trade-in sale event that we are discussing as an additional opportunity for customers who have old gear they would like to get rid of for store credit.

In Conclusion

Although you may be bummed that we’re no longer running the Swap Sales, we think you’ll find our selection of ski and snowboard gear to be the best it’s ever been, and you’ll absolutely be able to count on getting great attention and service from our Staff, no matter when you choose to shop with us.



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