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Welcome Back to Winter 14/15 Season

Welcome Back to Winter 14/15 Season

This time last year – we reintroduced ourselves, invited you to get up close and personal with our staffers and we had a great winter! We also talked about what being “snow people” means to us; why it’s a universal bond between people who may never have even met.  We just get each other and our unmatched passion for getting up super early on a snowy morning, dressing up in more layers than anyone can count, & taking that drive to our local ski resort.  The wow factor of seeing the mountain approach & basically just smiling big at everyone you see that morning!! It’s a powder day #letsgo

We welcome you to our updated website, loaded with fun detail, blogs & GREAT products.   Anything on our online store can be ordered for in-store pick up, because as much as we understand why you like to shop online, we really still want to see your face & get to know you too!  Please check out our staff profile pages, and feel free to reach out with any questions.  That is why we are here, so again we’ll ask you to get to know the PB Staffers and always want you to stop into any of our Shops to say hey, ask questions or just check out what we have going on!

So what’s the bottom line here?? Once again summer flew by, and we are getting ready to get back under the tents for our epic preseason sales + swaps (& don’t forget cash-4-carvers).  Our first swap & sale is just weeks away – time to start pulling out your gear, dig out your kid’s snow pants, jackets, helmets, gloves (well you get the idea).   Do an inventory, chances are your kid grew like 3″ over the summer, last year’s winter coat is probably is hitting him at his belly button and his snow pants are “floods”.

What about your stuff, tired of it? Something old to you could be new to me … Make some cash on your old stuff to help you buy something new… What’s better than that? We’d like to call our swap a win win but it’s actually still just called a swap & sell. Plus don’t forget our cash 4 carvers / those ancient skis or your very first snowboard might not be usable on the hill but it is worth a credit at PB!

We’re having our last swap sale in Poughkeepsie on November 28-30. Don’t miss it!

Thank you for shopping local and supporting our family business for 70 Years!



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