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It’s a fresh new season here at PB and as usual, we’re cruising through the Fall with our Seasonal Rental Packages. As many of you know, Seasonal Rentals are the most affordable way to ski or snowboard this season, but getting your gear early is key. Here are some answers to the frequently asked questions regarding seasonal rentals for this season.

How much do Seasonal Rentals cost?

Currently, our price for Seasonal Rentals is $159.95. This price will remain in effect for the rest of the season, or until we run out of gear.  (Note: If you have your own boots, you will save $30 OFF the Seasonal Rental Price)

Do I need an appointment for Seasonal Rentals?

No, all Seasonal Rentals are done on a first-come, first-serve basis and you can visit us anytime during business hours.

How is Seasonal Rental Inventory currently?

We are still in good shape with our Seasonal Rental Inventory for both adults and kids, for the exception of some smaller sizes in youth snowboards. Often though, new rental inventory becomes available in November or December so stay tuned, if we run out of your size, we may be re-stocked shortly.

What if you run out of Seasonal Rentals, what options do I have?

This season, we have added NEW Volkl Skis to our Daily Rental Fleet. Daily Rentals will be available for $40/day.  We also have affordable new ski and snowboard packages for you to consider.

What if my child OUTGROWS their gear?

Each year, we typically anticipate a little bit of growth during the course of the season.. However, if your child outgrows any of their gear prior to or during the season, we will always switch it out for the next size,

Are their DISCOUNT VOUCHERS with rentals this year?

Unfortunately, there are no discount vouchers available with Seasonal Rentals this season.

What if I want to BUY equipment after I rented?

If you decide to purchase equipment after you’ve rented, we will give you a full credit towards a new purchase. This offer is typically valid until the end of the season or up until the Rental Return Date. Note: we do not sell our seasonal rental equipment.

What is the Rental RETURN DATE?

Rental Returns will take place on the weekend of April 9th-11th in Kingston and Fishkill. You’ll be able to return at either location, regardless of where you originally rented from. Rental Returns will be done curbside.

Can I KEEP my gear later than April 9th-11th?

Of course you can keep your gear longer if you have plans to ski or ride beyond April 9th-11th. We encourage it.

What if the mountains DON’T OPEN this season?

If local ski areas do not operate at all in 2020-21, we will give you a full refund on your seasonal rentals. At this time we are very optimistic that they will operate.

What about a PARTIAL SEASON?

If there is a partial season due to another COVID shutdown, we will make a determination at that time if any credit would be available on your seasonal rentals.

What are the OPERATING PROCEDURES at the shop?

With everyone’s health and safety in mind, we are taking protective measures to make everyone comfortable in the shop. These practices include:

  1. Limiting the number of people in the shop at any one time. Every customer (individual or family) will work one-on-one with a Potter Brothers associate, and possibly another assistant that will help with boot-fitting and ski/snowboard selection.
  2. All of our rental setup stations will be distanced apart from each other. (3 setup stations at each location)
  3. Face coverings (or masks) will be worn by our staff at all times. We ask that you kindly do the same.
  4. No try-on socks. We ask that you bring your own clean pair of ski socks for trying on rental boots, or you may purchase socks during your visit.

Finally, we ask that you please wait outside for a Potter Brothers Associate to greet you and invite you in. This may require some extra patience if we are busy so we appreciate your understanding as we work to keep the shop environment comfortable for all.



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