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Tent Sales have been a long-lasting tradition in the Ski Business. For years, shops would thrive on these early-season sales by promoting huge discounts and stuffing a tent with tons of leftover product. Those were the days that manufacturers were over-producing their goods. When those manufacturers ended a year with extra gear in their warehouse, they would offer it up to their dealers at closeout prices. Ski Shops would eat up these deals and use them to offer attractive discounts to their customers at Fall Tent Sales. Everyone seemed to win, but it wasn’t always good for the industry as a whole.

Over the past several years, the industry has changed and these closeouts have dried up. Manufacturers are no longer over-producing, instead building only the product their dealers have collectively ordered with very little extra inventory in backup. When a buzz is created about a specific brand or model, it will sell out quickly  with no additional supply left to reorder. So, when a shop (and manufacturer) plans their buy correctly and has a “good season”, very little product remains at the end of a season. This is a good thing, but it does leave Fall Tent Sales very thin of prior year’s product.

However, this doesn’t mean all bargains are lost. Shops like Potter Brothers who have a long-standing positive reputation in the industry are good at finding the right suppliers to work with and buy from. Relationships are built and deals are offered to help each partner succeed. New current season product as well as special make ups are offered at good pricing. Although you may not find the discounts as strong as they use to be, you are now geting better gear that is more current while still saving.

Here are 3 reasons to attend a Fall Tent Sale.

# 1 Selection
Go Big or Go Home! Potter Brothers Tent Sales are still packed with tons of gear. From racks of skis and snowboards, piles of boots and bindings, racks of clothing, tables of helmets and goggles and old fashiond bins of gloves, hats, socks and other accessories. Giving a customer a selection is super-important and that’s our goal at PB. Yes, the earlier Fall Tent Sales have the best selection, so visit them early for the best possible selection. Our Tent Sales also include plenty of new current-season product. These are the items we have purchased at a special buy and can offer with a little extra savings during the events.

# 2 Service
It should go without saying, but these days you truly recognize good service when you get it. Ski Shops are specialty retailers. They are staffed with people who actually ski and snowboard and LOVE their jobs. Their goal is to help you find the product that is exactly right for you, to educate about technology and offer tips and suggestions to make your winter the best it can be. You just don’t get that level of service anywhere. Also, taking the time to get to know you a customer builds trust and shows that it goes beyond just selling a product.

# 3 Value
Getting premium gear at good prices is what it’s all about. Nobody really wants a 10 year old pair of boots or a junky pair of skis just because the price is cheep. At Potter Brothers you will only find deals on current, up-to-date product. No matter if it’s a demo from last season, a sample line from a sales rep or current season’s gear, you can trust you are getting real gear at a good price that provides you with the ultimate value.

Of course if you are looking for the most down and dirty pricing available, our Swap Sales do offer used gear that is left on consignment by customers looking to upgrade.

Learn more about our Swap Sales.



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