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If you’re looking for fun, easy, and safe new ways to stay active and energized over the winter months, Cross Country skiing offers a great alternative for active outdoor enthusiasts of every age and skill-level to get out and explore while staying socially distanced.

Whether you’re focused on cardio and strength training, or simply getting some fresh air, enjoying nature, and taking the dog for a walk at the local park, we have great Cross Country Packages from Rossignol to keep you outside this winter.

Package # 1 ($339.95)

This package includes Rossignol XT60 trail skis with bindings, X-2 shoes, and Swix cork grip poles. This package is perfect for first-time cross-country skiers and anyone intending to use their gear on flat to rolling terrain such as rail trails, golf courses and other relatively flat outdoor areas such as parks and carriage roads.

Package # 2 ($359.95)

This package is the same as Package # 1 except it uses the X-5 shoe which offers more support and balance.

Package # 3 ($429.95)

This package includes a Rossignol OT 65 skis with bindings, X-5 shows and Swix cork grip poles. This upgraded package is perfect for cross-country skiers who are looking to get out and explore using their gear on terrain that may be a little more challenging. These skis have metal edges under the central part of the skis that asset with stopping and turning. This package can be used on trail or off-trail.

Package # 4 ($499.95)

This package includes Rossignol BC80 skis with bindings, BC X-5 shoes, and Swix cork grip poles. This performance package offers a wider ski option compared to package # 3. The wider surface area helps the ski perform better in soft snow, while still maintaining good performance on trail. Additionally, the shoes in this package offer more support and performance to allow the user to challenge themselves on steeper and more advanced terrain.

Visit Potter Brothers in Kingston or Fishkill for more information and to talk to one of our staff members about the Cross-Country package that is right for you.

Please note that Cross-Country gear is in high demand again this season and is expected to sell out quickly. Shop early for the best inventory options.



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