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Cash-4-Carvers 2015

Cash-4-Carvers 2015

Cash-4-Carvers is Potter Brothers unique trade-in program that helps you turn your old ski or snowboard equipment into something more current (and a lot more FUN).

Here’s how it works:

Find your oldest straight skis, rear-entry boots or any other ski gear that sitting in your garage or basement and bring it to a Potter Brothers sale near you (seriously – it doesn’t matter how old). Potter Brothers will give you an instant rebate (up to $50) off the purchase of new skis, boots or snowboard – even off sale prices.

Trade-in values are as follows:

Adult Skis or Snowboard $50 trade-in credit
Adult Boots $25 trade-in credit
Junior Skis or Snowboard $25 trade-in credit
Junior boots $15 trade-in credit

All Cash-4-Carvers is valid at any Potter Brothers Sales Event. This offer will expire on November 30th 2016.

$50 off Cash-4-Carvers rebates are only applied to purchases made on Potter Brothers equipment. Trade-in credit can only be used against similar item such as skis for skis, boots for boots, etc. If you trade-in a pair of adult skis, we will give you $50 OFF the purchase of new adult skis (even if the skis are already on sale). Cool, right?




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