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Armada skis has become one of our fastest growing brands over the past couple of seasons. What was previously known mostly as a freestyle brand, Armada has been producing some serious all-mountain skis that are so much fun to ski. Going beyond the famous ARV series, you will now find killer options with Invictus (Mens), Victa (Womens) as well as Tracer (Mens), Trace (Womens) and the new Zero ARV 96Ti which is a personal shop favorite for many of our skiers. Here’s a preview of some of the Armada skis you’ll find at PB this season as well as some demos.

ARV 96Ti

Boom! The ski that had many of us smiling from ear to ear last Winter at demo days. Armada’s Zero collection is athlete driven and designed to challenge industry standards and provide a stellar on-mountain experience.The cool thing about the Zero ARV 96Ti is that it can charge hard like a race ski thanks to two full layers of titanal, but it does so with an impressive all-mountain feel. These skis are super quick and stable in all-conditions. A definite player for advanced skiers looking for something new, different and fun.


You don’t see many edgeless ski out there, so this ski is definitley unique. It’s purpose is to give the ski the softest flexing feel on the market so freestyle skiers can get creative with butters and presses. It also doesn’t get hooked up slides down rails, boxes, cement or anything else in it’s way. Durability is trusted with it’s poplar-ash wood core combined with a unique fiberglass layup. A perfect ski for urban adventures.

ARV 106

A versatile all-mountain freestyle ski that is ultra-playful and fun in so many different conditions. Reinforced with AR75 Sidewall construction and 2.2 impact edges, the ARV 106 will absorb high-speed chatter, surf pow and rip in the park, trees or steeps. An all-around good time!

ARV 86

This lightweight twin is a young freestyle skiers dream with all the construction you’d want in a park ski. A solid and durable poplar-ash core, AR75 Sidewall and 2.2 impact edge, the ARV 86 is a trusted park twin to butter and press. Nothing but a fun time on these skis.

Tracer 98 / Trace 88

Armada’s Tracer (mens) and Trace (womens) collection is very unique offering. The first thing you’ll notice about these skis is they are incredibly light-weight. Most would question how these skis would hold up in hard, unpredictable east coast conditions. However, the reviews are off-the-charts. Ideal for uphill, backcountry and sidecountry exploring, the Tracer 98 and Trace 88 both use a Caruba Core which is super lightweight and creates the best up-hill feel while retaining the power and dampness required in descending the gnarliest terrain. A great option for AT/Tele Skiers as well.

Invictus 89Ti

Another staff favorite the Invictus 89Ti is a directional all-mountain ski that carves up hardpack and just charges however you want it to. Some cool tech in the Invictus skis is Intelligrid Reinforcement. This tech uses Carbon fiber to help damped vibrations while providing additional stiffness and response to the ski for a quicker feel edge to edge and more stable platform. We love these skis for that quickness and stability and find you can take them all over the mountain and have a blast.

ARW 86

One of the ladies ARW skis we’re carrying this season is the ARW 86. This ski offers the perfect blend of smooth effortless skiing with a light playful feel. Whether you’re learning new tricks or perfecting old ones, the ARW 86 is a solid choice for east coast park laps.

Victa 87Ti

Nothing but solid reviews from our female skiers on any Victa ski from Armada. Here, the 87Ti offers the perfect blend of power and finesse. It can rip on the groomers and float in the soft stuff. It’s titanal laminate keeps chatter down so you can trust it at higher speeds. No doubts here…the Victa 87Ti is for real.

This season you can check out Armada Skis at PB in Kingston and Fishkill and Demo Armada Skis PB at Jiminy Peak and Kilington. Already looking to buy?  Shop Demo Skis now!



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